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    We Can Extend the Life of Your Roof with Quality Repair Work

    Not all conditions which adversely affect your roof require a complete new roof replacement. Roofing materials are durable. If your roof is old it may still provide years of protection with just a few repairs, such as shingle replacements, new flashing, soffit or fascia repairs.

    Severe wind events are a part of life in Central Ohio. Nitro Roofing & Construction knows what the weather can do to homes in our communities and we’re always prepared to dispatch our expert repair team when nature strikes. We’ll be on your premises quickly to fix the roof problems commonly caused by severe weather.

    Consult with Nitro Roofing & Construction. We’ll give you an honest assessment of what you need and never sell you something you don’t!

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    Signs that You Need Roof Repairs

    Consider calling the pros at Nitro Roofing & Construction. It’s not always easy to tell when you need a roof repair. If you can’t spot the following problems, but think they might be present, the team at Nitro Roofing can identify them and advise on the needed repairs:

    Responding Quickly to Your Roof Repair Needs

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    We fix damage from hail, wind, rain, lightning, and falling objects

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    Fair and accurate estimates backed by detailed work items required

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    We fix damage from hail, wind, rain, lightning, and falling objects

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    Could Your Roof Damage be Covered by Insurance?

    Your homeowners insurance provider recognizes that a roof is essential to protecting the value of your home and all of its contents. If your property was subject to unexpected damages, as from one of the Midwest’s severe wind, rain, snow, and hail storms, your roof could be covered fully by your homeowners insurance policy.

    With a properly filed damage claim, clearly documenting all the repair or replacement work necessary, Nitro Roofing & Construction can help you get the funds you deserve for a full roof restoration.

    Let Nitro Handle Your Roof Repair Needs

    Homeowners throughout the Ohio region trust Nitro Roofing & Construction with roof replacements and repairs. If your roof is worn or damaged, you may not require a complete replacement, but instead a few repairs can prevent the need for an expensive roof overhaul. Nitro can save you money and extend the life of your roof with high-quality repairs and fair and affordable prices.

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