Columbus Roof Repair: 10 Signs To Look Out For

Every homeowner should be aware of when you need Columbus roof repair services. No matter how strong, durable, and well-maintained a roof is, it will eventually need roof repairs at some point in time. No roof is invincible.

If these needs for roof repairs are ignored or left untreated, the condition of the roof may worsen and warrant a full replacement, which is more costly. The key, therefore, is knowing when you need to call for a roof repair in Columbus.

To help you, we’ll go through in this blog the ten warning signs that indicate your roof needs repair. This way, you’ll be able to address any roof issues or problems before they cause further damage to your property in general.

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Cracked or curled shingles

This happens when the roof was exposed to the sun’s extreme heat. When the shingles start to crack or curl, so long as they are isolated cases only, it’s a sign that you need roof repair right away as this will put your roof more vulnerable to leakage.

Water spots on interior walls or ceilings

This means that the roof has a leakage problem that should be repaired the soonest time possible. It may be because they have cracks, holes, or dents on them allowing water to seep through inside the property causing the water spots or stains.

Loose flashing

The flashing protects the vulnerable areas around your chimney, skylights, or other roof penetrations such as exhaust vents from water leakage. If the flashing is loose, it will not be able to function properly and effectively as it should.

Streaks of discoloration

This indicates bacterial growth which hastens roof material deterioration and causes poor weather protection. So as soon as you notice them, call for the best Columbus roof repair services and have the roof cleaned and repaired before the problem worsens.

Rotting soffits and/or fascia

This usually happens when the soffits and fascia are exposed to too much moisture due to improper installation or gutter overflowing. If this is not fixed immediately, it can significantly weaken the roof and the gutters may eventually detach from the house.

Loss of shingle granules

Shingles is coated with protective paint. If these starts to run off, so does the protection making the roof more susceptible to weather damage. So as soon as you notice granules on the gutters, where they usually pool, you need the best Columbus roof repair services right away.

Pest infestation

If you notice scratch holes on the roof, it may have become an entry point for critters, squirrels, and other small animals to enter the interiors of the property. If this is the case, they can chip away the wood inside including walls, wood flooring, etc.

Shingles or metal are “pitted” by hail

This occurs when moisture has been trapped in the roof. So long as the pitting is only an isolated case, the roof can still be repaired. So before they worsen and cause further damage, call for a roof repair immediately.

Puddles or “pooling” of water on your roof after it rains

If you notice puddles or water pooling on the roof after it rains, then you need a roof repair right away. Water is not supposed to pool on the roof. It should be drained away into the gutters and downspouts. If not, the roof will be more susceptible to water damage.

Fallen branches and debris

If you notice tree branches and debris piling up on the roof, then it may signal possible roof damage. The fallen branches may have caused dents, cracks, or holes making the roof more vulnerable to water damage. The debris may also block the water flow allowing water to seep through the interiors of the property instead of draining away.

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